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2014 traveler summary


Knock Knock! Anyone there? Long time no sign of life, right? This last quarter of the year has been so intense, that I have needed a disconnection from the blogosphere, social networks, everything that would include a computer or electronic device outside office hours and claim that little pleasure that is not doing anything like Temporary hobby

However, I could not ignore this little tradition in which it has become a review of the year that has just ended And often year! We start!

January: Finland

In 2014 we started it to the fullest. As soon as I had parties, I flew until Helsinki to attend the Finland tourism fair (MATKA) and spend Nine days in Finland. The days before the fair I had the possibility of visit Stockholm in one day and Turku. Afterwards, I went a couple of days to the Kainuu lakes area, border region with Russia.

A day in Stockholm (at -8 ºC)

There I discovered how life is at minus 25 degrees. It is the time I was at a lower temperature, but that did not prevent a group of guests and I from going cross-country skiing, a sleigh safari thrown by huskies, down the river sailing fast in an inflatable suit and bathed in an icy lake after a sauna session.

There is no pain ... (room temperature: -25 ºC).

I had a great time in a beautiful snowy environment, but unfortunately we couldn't see Northern Lights, so we'll be back in the future.

The snowy landscapes are beautiful.

March: Sigüenza and Rome

March was a month with two getaways. The first was to spend a Rural weekend with our fellow Globellers in Sigüenza. We met the beautiful medieval city, we looked for ghosts in the Castle of the Riba de Santiuste and we starred in a very funny live clue game from which nobody came out unharmed.

Hostel of Sigüenza

The second getaway was my chic bachelorette party in Rome with my Fashion Travel Bloggers. It was a very special weekend, in which we made a route in classic Fiat 500 and met the architecture of Borromini and Bernini. A weekend of girls in my favorite city in Europe. You can not ask for more.

To say "divine" is to fall short!

April: Bordeaux, Arcachon and Saint-Emilion (Aquitaine, France)

During Holy Week, as in previous years, we returned to Travel to France to know another area of ​​Aquitaine. This time we traveled to the capital, Bordeaux, a beautiful city that we loved and where we spent a couple of nights. As well we visited the bay of Arcachon where we went up to the dune of Pilat, we ate oysters and went by bicycle through Cap Ferret.

Bordeaux at dusk

We spent the last day of the trip in Saint-Emilion, a beautiful medieval town surrounded by vineyards where we visit the catacombs and the city's monolithic church. We did a couple of wine tastings, took a bike ride through the vineyards and slept in a hotel shaped like a wine barrel. Aquitaine never disappoints.


May: Vietnam and Cambodia

This was undoubtedly the overlap of the year. Super for the destination: Vietnam and Cambodia, two countries that we had been wanting to visit for some time; For the duration of the trip: 23 days of travel, the longest to date and very special because it was our honeymoon. ☺

Hoi an

During Fifteen days we visited Vietnam, a country where you can spend a whole month and not get bored. There we visited Ho Chi Minh, Hoi An, Hue, the caves of Phong Nha Ke Bang, Halong Bay and Hanoi.